The Rotary Foundation, provision for which is made in the RI Constitution (Article XII) and By-Laws (Article XVIII) was started by then RI President Arch Klumph at the RI Atlanta Convention in 1917. It was then known as the “Rotary Endownment Fund” and the first contribution was in 1918 when the Rotary Club of Kansas City gave US$26.50. In 1928, it was formally established at the Minneapolis Convention and by 1965 a million dollars was received. Today the Rotary Foundation receives more than US$45 million each year. In 1983 it was established as a “Not for Profit” Corporation under the Laws of the State of Illinois, USA.


The Objective of the Rotary Foundation is to further understanding and friendly relations among the world’s people by funding education and charitable programs. There are 9 such programs.


The By-Laws of RI (Article XVIII) provide for the appointment by the President of RI with the approval of the Board of thirteen (13) Trustees.
The By-Laws of the Rotary Foundation provide that the Trustees determine their committees and subcommittees and the duties of each.
A joint committee of the Board of RI and the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation is established consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members from each organisation shall meet to discuss matters of the Rotary Foundation.

The Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia or Rotary Foundation of Malaysia (ROTAFOM in short) is dedicated to support and enhance Rotary’s Community Service and Vocational Service programmes in Malaysia. The Foundation was formerly known as District 330 Foundation, Rotary Foundation Malaysia. On 1 July 1991, when District 330 was split into the current Districts 3300 and 3310, the Foundation became fully Malaysian in character.

The Malaysian tax authorities granted ROTAFOM tax exemption on its income on 19 March 1993 and tax exemption for donors for donations made to the Foundation on 1 November 1994. One of ROTAFOM’s most significant projects has been the JE/Nipah Education Fund which has raised over RM200,000 for victims of the JE/Nipah epidemic.



ROTAFOM’s only objective is charity, the alleviation of human suffering in every form and the promotion and encouragement of higher education within Malaysia. ROTAFOM is a platform from which Rotarians in Malaysia can contribute to programmes for welfare, health and humanity.


The vitality and effectiveness of ROTAFOM depends on the generosity of Rotarians, Rotary clubs and members of the public. With the low interest rates currently prevailing, additional funding is essential for ROTAFOM to earn the much needed income to carry out its programmes. Please support our very own foundation by making a donation. All donations are tax-exempt. Donors are entitled to the following forms of recognition:

Rotarians & Individuals
RM 20,000 5-Star Patron of ROTAFOM
RM 4,000 Patron of ROTAFOM
RM 2,500 Jamil Rais Fellow (JRF)
RM 2,000 Benefactor of ROTAFOM
RM 1,000 Friend of ROTAFOM
RM 500 Supporter of ROTAFOM
Rotary Clubs
RM 2,000 per member ROTAFOM Patron
RM 1,000 per member ROTAFOM Benefactor
RM 500 per member ROTAFOM Friend
RM 250 per member ROTAFOM Supporter



PDG Lee Keng Bin (Chairman)
PDG Etican Ramasamy (D3310)
PDG Dato Mohd Ariff bin Shafie
PDG Dr Santokh Singh
PDG Dato Beh Lye Huat
PDG David Ho Kwong Choong
PDG Dato Stephen Wan Ullok (D3310)
PDG Lim Hock Teck
PDG Dr R T Arasu
DG Dr N Lakshmanan
PP Sen Gupta (Secretary)
PP Peter Cheng Ing Mui (Treasurer)
PP Louis Cheah Beng Poh (Legal Advisor)

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