Shopping in Sarawak

Walking around town and larger cities in Sarawak can be an exciting and wonderful experience as there are various traditional handicrafts and local items sold everywhere from night markets to shopping malls.

Few must-buy items on your list including pottery, wood, textiles, beads, bamboo, rattan, reed basket, salted terubok fish, Sarawak pepper and terendak. Pottery made in Sarawak can be divided into two types namely one by Chinese potters and another by Iban, Murut and Kelabit potters. There are various pottery items available such as candle holders, ashtrays, teapots, mugs, drinking water cisterns, decorative jars and vases.

Another unique handicraft, woodcarvings are made by Kayan and Kenyah ethnic groups. There are several popular shopping sites suitable for tourists to purchase genuine woodcarvings by these ethnic groups – Abau Regong, Saging Anyi Taman Delight, Karya Indah and JJ & LL Family.

Perhaps, the most popular must-buy item when you are in Sarawak is the pepper. The high quality Sarawak pepper has gained international recognition due to its distinctive flavour. Pepper plantations can be seen around Kuching-Serian Road.

An all-time favourite, salted terubok fish is a unique souvenir nicely wrapped in a box for longer preservation. Even though terubok is full of bones, it has always been a favourite gift among the tourists. A tip for those who would like to try this salted fish, find the biggest terubok as bones are larger and thus, easier to dispose.

Rattan, a durable jungle product in Sarawak is sold everywhere in Aji @ Ismadi bin Chupak, Kg. Pahlawan, Awing Crafts & Cultural Centre Workshop, Nuran ak Jawa, Rh.Sap Batu Lintang Undop and Orah Bampa Badeng Lg. Mejawah. Lastly, purchase the beautiful ornamented beadwork hand-made by indigenous people of Sarawak. Sold widely in various forms and colours, you can get it in Agnes Nani Ganti at Saberkas Commercial Centre or Miri Heritage Centre.

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