Rotary Club of Miri works to protect Mangroves

The Rotary Club of Miri has embarked on a planting project to protect mangroves in Sarawak, as part of their Centennial project.

The Recent tsunami disaster has taught us some very important lessons on coastal zone management. Nature lashes out at mankind when the environment is provoked.
The Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has now appealed to all states to protect mangrove forests along the coast. ”Ideally, mangrove forests should not be disturbed as they prevent large waves from encroaching too far inland,” he said.

In line with that, the Rotary Club of Miri has launched a Mangrove planting project at Kuching Beach in Sarawak. 14 of the team members have conducted a expedition into the mangrove forest in search of 63 sapling of the rhizotopa stylosa species. It took three hours for their member to collect the species. This was followed by another 2 hours of planting those saplings.

There is now greater commitment from the government to conserve and restore mangrove swamps in the country. And the Rotary Club of Miri will be the first organization in the Nation quickly responded to the Prime Minister’s call.

The Club intends to plant another 400 trees, which will be done in the next 6 months.

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