RC Kuching marks Centennial with 100 bikes

Sending a hundred pairs of wheels spinning for 100 kilometers (62.14 miles) was how members of the Malasyian Rotary Club of Kuching decided to set the celebration of Rotary’s Centennial anniversary in their community.

In pursuit of that aim, the club launched a symbolic cycling fellowship in Kuching on 29th February 2004, hoping to attract 100 rotarians and supporters. With 111 cyclists gathered at the assembly point in the early morning, the turnout well surpassed their expectations.

Registered as the club’s Centennial project, the rally was organised with the additional aim of raising RM100,000 (more than US$ 26,000) toward a scholarship fund.

Rotarians from clubs in Teluk Intan, Kelana Jaya, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur North, Port Klang, Putrajaya, Seremban, Bangsar and Kuala Lumpur Diraja flocked to the launch rally that was flagged off by District 3300 Governor Dr. Mahinder Singh.

Attracting potential Rotarians to join the club

The rally was also aimed at burnishing the public profile of Rotary, attracting potential Rotarians to join the club, and invigorating participation among existing members.

“The novelty of the event helped create an awareness of Rotary to the community. It showed that Rotarians perspire and put in personal time for a charitable cause as against the old view that Rotarians are old gentlemen who wear suits, have lunch, and give away checks,” says club President Josh Lim, initiator of the projet. The involvement of all members of the club was paramount in making this a success. I received 100 percent commitment from all.”

By James Louis, RI reporter,

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